stripes on stripes

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(Asos jacket, Glassons crop, Country Road skirt)

My final exam for the semester is tomorrow before I leave for Asia this Sunday. Between work, hotel hunting, catch ups and packing I've hardly had a chance to visit the shops- which is where this crop comes in. I was having a 'there's nothing in my wardrobe' moment before running out the door yesterday, so armed with a pair of dressmakers scissors and neglected tank dress- a minute later I found myself with a 'new' crop! I'm personally loving clashing the pattern with another striped piece and threw the jacket over to tone down the outfit for uni. On the note of university- I really should be revising for my exam right now but I hope everyone is well!! - these photos were shot using my iphone but I've just bought a new lens which I'm super excited to use so stay tuned for (hopefully) better quality posts!


  1. What a lovely outfit perfect for chilly summer nights! Love the denim jacket, have similar and can't stop wearing it! Thank you so much for that lovely comment you left on my blog, I am so glad you like my style xx

  2. love this outfit, denim and stripes is my all time favourite combo. these are such nice quality for an iphone photo, I wouldn't have noticed!


  3. Love the two piece, and the fact that they are not completely identical. x

  4. Love this outfit! You look great :) <3 <3

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  5. Really cool outfit!

    Lily x

  6. Cool outfit, I like the combination of two different stripes sizes!