(Finders Keepers Jersey + Pants via Saint Bowery, Nike Air Force 1, Sportsgirl Cardigan)

Low-slungs, pooper pants, crotch sacks- whatever you want to call them, the (in)famous jersey drop crotch has finally made it’s way into my wardrobe. I have absolutely no qualms with how comfortable these bad boys are. Paired with a good pair of sneakers I’m ready to take on the world (or a few fitness classes at the very least). Jokes aside, I’ve been putting a lot of lovin’ into this piece of jersey- they’ve been serving me well going from the library to chilling at homies, even venturing over to Sydney’s little Italy for a Japanese and gelato run (a much tastier combination in reality, I promise.)

Admittedly these AF1s have been practically glued to my feet since I've purchased them a few weeks ago, but when a shoe meets both form and function you just can't go wrong. A few new kicks are on their way to me however- and with these beauties included, sharing the love shouldn't be so hard.


  1. So in love with this look ! Especially the shoes !

  2. love this outfit! your style is cool, I could never pull off anything so sport-lux-comfy!