talk is cheap my darling

(scarf from japan, MarketHQ jumper, Ruby Sees All skirt, Zara mules, SummerCharades clutch)
Wash angora before you wear it.

This was the main thing I learnt today as I wandered across the city leaving behind a trailing puff of fibres. You could probably trace my steps from Glebe to Surry Hills if you tried hard enough. By the time I arrived home I resembled somebody who had just body slam greeted a polar bear.

Today’s incident behind, I definitely see myself wearing this knit well into winter (picturing it with tailored white pants and falling in love all over). Heck, it’s the closest I've gotten to owning a Maltese dog so malting and all, I’ll take it!

I’m a week off having finished my degree for good- it’s the last minute exam preparation scramble where I’m kicking myself for googling images of Kanye West when I should have been paying attention in class. Late night cram sessions are made worth it though when they’re finished off the right way- mexican food and throwback sing-a-longs in the car ride home (shout out to the homie Ian for pulling through on the killer tracks!)

Speaking of which, ta-ku dropped this tune this morning and I’ve had it on repeat since. Get amongst it.


  1. As usual your style is amazing ! I love this look !

  2. Your style is perfection as always. Love Chet Faker x

  3. You amaze me!!
    Perf outfit

  4. Where exactly is this pink wall i need to shoot infront of it?!
    Love the outfit girl :) x

  5. Lovely Outfit, Cute Skirt!
    Please take some time out & visit my blog.

  6. That skirt is awesome!
    Love the post and your looks

    Much love, M

  7. gorgeous in this black and white outfit...and that skirt is really something!

  8. I love this outfit! You're jumper is gorgeous! If I but it I'll make sure to wash it before I wear it! (Thanks!) Xx

  9. Aww I can call this outfit using one word= PERFECTION! <3

  10. Wow, cool look, love that sweater! so cosy!

    xo from Sydney!

  11. hi, that really look awesome and attractive. such a lovely post and picture, thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Just lovely :)