markets gems

(Alexander Wang LS top, Lulus crop, market-find denim shirt + leather backpacket, DIY jeans, Zara Boots)
Last night I got back from four days spent down the coast and am adjusting back to real world business. I'm already missing heated pictionary battles in front of the fireplace, lakeside hangs and the bunch of people who made the trip as good as it was. I took some time out today to tackle the backlog of emails that had accumulated and kick it with the little bro, but am jumping into the rest of the week with my internship tomorrow and exciting meetings over the rest of the week!
So thankful for the few degree's warmer that it is in Sydney compared to down south- it's surprising what a difference four hours makes. Wearing this top was no problem during the middle of the day, but when it started to get that little bit chillier, this Wang gem did the trick in adding just enough warmth.

Instead of the usual MBMJ situation, I opted for a backpack today after spying this one sitting neglected in my wardrobe, I'm the kinda gal who's faithful to one bag (which consequently ends up carrying everything from 3 moleskines to the hair tie supply of an entire store). It was nice to change things up a bit today, and my chiropractor and spine are probably thanking me.
I still remember stumbling across this leather backpack at the Kirribili markets almost five years ago. I snabbed it at the price of a decent meal, took it to the bootmakers for reinforcing along the strap and it's certainly done a mint job in lasting me. This denim shirt was also a kirribili markets find years ago, it's an XL which is my terms is just perfect as lightweight outerwear or tied around the waist. Admittedly I am missing regular visits to the markets (grinding away in retail means weekends are often a distant fantasy), but planning to NA a few upcoming weekends to get my early morning coffee and straying routine down pat again.


  1. You look so stylish ! Love your shoes so much !


  2. I absolutely love your style *u*