Brunch adventures

 (Ruby Sees All crop, Joa skirt, ASOS denim jacket, Soles boots via MarketHQ)

 I'm so thankful to live in a city where winter doesn't mean 5 thermals and a ski jacket. Making the most of this (and a particularly warm weekend), I made the bold decision to step out in a skirt and sleeveless top- not without a jacket on hand though -I'll admit I'm game but I haven't lost my senses. Not many do a crop as well as Ruby Sees all- they always seem to hug the body perfectly  and are a lot slicker than your average (embossed fabrics and cutaway details- yes yes!) Of course I had to toughen up the feminine silohuette of the skirt a little with my faithful denim jacket and black ankle boots. Shoutout to ASOS for this denim baby which has been faithful by my side for over the past year now.

My good friend Helen from BohoChicNLT and I were meeting to visit the infamous Three Williams for brunch this morning. Word of warning: a Saturday morning visit is not for those with short patience and empty stomachs. The estimated seating time was 50 minutes and considering we at the time fulfilled both the above criteria, made the decision to move on to a fail safe alternative around the corner- Baffi and Mo. We had absolutely no regrets with our decision. This was later confirmed when I visited 3 Williams the next week and despite it being a sweet set up, I didn’t really see it as justifying the hype.

At Baffi and Mo I ordered the sweet potato hash topped with Moroccan vegetables, avocado and a poached egg. Brunch bliss. Helen ordered the corn and pea fritters which admittedly came in a more realistic serving size- both our efforts combined couldn’t see us finishing my plate. B&M is definitely a recommended visit for anybody in the Redfern area- and be sure to stop by Milk Bar while you’re there for the most amazing donuts (did someone just say timtam and oreo flavours?)

Have a great weekend lovers.

Shot by BohoChicNLT


  1. Such a beautiful location! The volume of that skirt is amazing too.
    Love it girly. xx

  2. 5 thermals and ski jacket= melb, you got that right hahah
    gorgeous post gal

  3. Aaah these photographs are beautiful, love the perspective! x