Staycation: Hotel 1888

I get restless. It starts with rearranging my room - bed pushed into a new corner, desk reorganized, shoe boxes finding new homes between my closet and wallspace. It’s no news, but familiarity has a tendency to turn into monotony. A change in environment gives you a chance to step back, breathe and refresh.

Switching things up in your room is one thing, but what about your home city? I’ve lived in Sydney all my life. I spent 3 years studying in the city - and now I work here. I don’t love the city any less but it would be a lie to say I don’t miss seeing it with fresh eyes. Buildings are landmark reminders of my day-to-day – the same bus stand, the same route to work, even the same barista serving up the same “double soy latte!” Sure there’s comfort in routine, but I've never been one for routine.

Cue the “staycation.” Commitments often keeps us from wandering far - whether that be work deadlines, social events or hey even a particularly captivating TV series – I’m not here to judge.

I recently spent time away at Hotel 1888 to rediscover the place I call home. If you’re like me and 40 minutes out of the CBD, the city is almost akin to a place with visiting hours. Sure we overstay our visits every so often, but the early hours of the morning and late at night are often sanctimonious hours where I prefer finding myself tucked in bed - definitely not thinking about the commute back home. Wandering the Harbour piers near midnight and waking up to slowly awakening city streets is an entirely different experience to weaving past tired commuters on a mission from destination A to B.

Enough rambling! All in all, Hotel 1888 was the perfect short term escape - close enough to join the passage of tourists in Darling Harbour in a matter of minutes but tucked away just far enough that you're not caught in the midst of it all.  It's my second time at 1888 and both times I've fallen in love with the interior - don't get me wrong I love a crisp, monochrome hotel room, but the boutique feel of 1888 makes you feel at home right away. Tan accents and mismatched furniture complement the art-deco styled lobby/eatery and the rooms are a fun twist of New York apartment style living.

The room itself wasn't enormous but with a hanging rail, desk and side tables - there was more than enough room to make it the perfect place for a short stay. The exposed brick wall, natural light coming from the loft-style window and industrial finishes worked together beautifully to create a welcoming, but modern alcove. The first time I stayed was during a work rutt where I just needed to take myself out of my usual grind environment - it was such a good place to get re-inspired and stuck into your work. This second time was to get away from the grind and enjoy being in the moment - and I didn't love it any less. My only regret is not sticking around for the hotel breakfast ...  But hey, that’s one to save for next time!


  1. These pictures are beautiful and the hotel looks amazing.
    I absolutely love Sydney, living there would be so wonderful.

  2. The hotel looks stunning! I would like to visit one day. <3

    Alyssa. |

  3. I agree with everything you said, routine is a killer for inspiration. The hotel looks amazing though! x

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