IG Recap: December

1/ Not a December post but I couldn't miss this Dîner en Blanc snap. Definitely a highlight of 2015. 
2/ 23 and forever looking sloppy in half-buttoned shirts.
3/ Birthday night spent at Astral Tower with city views, wine and my love.
4/ Lunch at Catalina. No explanation needed.
5/ December pick up. I've been gravitating towards heels more and more... Is this what growing up feels like?
6/ Long hair, don't careee. Change is due this year, watch this space.
7/ What did I say about heels?
8/ Breakfast buffet at The Langham. Would definitely recommend if even for the interior alone.
9/ The cutest donuts this month – scrap that, this year.


  1. Your posts are always really amazing and the photos are gorgeous.
    Love it!

    Hope you can stop by my blog!

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