Out of town: Canberra

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Breakfast at Buvette Bistro
Canberra's not usually somewhere that sits at the top of a travel list – it definitely wasn't at the top of mine. Primary school memories of Parliament House and travel inn's didn't leave me feeling any connection to the state – and besides from the infamous freakshakes, not much news travels beyond the borders. Despite this, for some reason (call it patriotism or call it madness) I started getting itchy feet and craved a visit to the nation's capital – and just like that it was decided. One week later, Eugene and I were getting in the car at the crack of dawn, ready for the three and a half hour drive between home and our destination.

We ended up choosing to stay at Little National Hotel. It was in a central location with free parking – and after seeing photos from my friend's recent trip, I was sold. The hotel is premised on affordable luxury and they nailed the brief. Although the room was compact, there was enough space for the two of us (and our eight pairs of shoes!) What the room lacked in space, it made up for with the most incredible super king sized bed and great common rooms – I could have happily spent half the trip working from the library.

After checking in, we headed over to Space Kitchen which I highly recommend – be sure to leave room for dessert though because I didn't and still regret it. To keep the rest of this recap short and sweet – the main places we visited were the National Art Gallery and the Australian War Memorial. I thought the gallery would be my favourite of the two as it was my pick and the War Museum, Eugene's but it turns out I was wrong. Not only was the war memorial incredibly interesting but I left with such a strong admiration for our defence force. My only advice here would be to 1) Allow yourself more time there than you think you'll need and 2) Bring Kleenex.


  1. Looked like you guys really enjoyed it - and what a beautiful place! :)

    / Alix N,
    @ www.acommonobsession.com

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Petra xx http://90suniverse.weebly.com/